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Who: Terra-Eclat: Concept art jewellery derived from nature. Over 150 kinds of unique gemstones, dazzling Opals, out-of-this-world Meteorite, rare Fossils including Shark Teeth and Woolly Mammoth Tusk, real Leaves in gold and real Butterfly wings a charity to help protect the species
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Terra Eclat Locations & Maps

Riyadh Locations

Riyadh Sahara Mall, Between GATE 3 or Gate 4, Main Aisle, In front of H&M, Payless and Early Learning Center

Jeddah Locations

Jeddah Andulas Mall, Gate 2, Main Aisle, In front of Va Va Voom 

Sahara Mall, Riyadh

Andulas Mall, Jeddah

Contact Us: (+966) 543 76 8585, (+966) 543 766 771, (+966) 543 766 773, -

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