Terra Eclat - Encapsulating Earths Beauty

Terra Eclat Collections

Concept art jewellery derived from nature, founded in 2007. Sourcing rare and unusual natural treasures from around the world while forging valuable personal relationships with miners and artisans.

Following the school of Bodyshop’s founder, Anita Riddick, “Trade Not Aid” focusing on the message of Sustainability, the Environment, Helping the People and their Communities.

Striving to create a unique brand that encapsulates the beauty and splendour of the earth, while loving it & preserving it. (The actual meaning of Terra Eclat is ‘Splendour of the Earth’)

Fair Trade

Handmade by talented artisans in Bali, Indonesia. Our production is the primary income for those families helping them and their communities grow.

Our workshops implement Fairtrade practices, based on fair dealing and mutual trust, providing local jobs and fair wages. We strive for happy artisans and satisfied customers