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Bold Shimmering Blue Sterling Silver Butterfly Ring

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Help protect butterfly habitats

5% of this purchase is donated to Rainforest charities to protect animal habitats. See Charities Page

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Iridescent Blue - Adjustable Ring Morpho Didius butterfly wing encased in glass and finished in Sterling Silver, accented with Blue Topaz.

Known as Giant Blue from Peru, one of the biggest Morpho species, notice the shimmering iridescent electric blue wing colour completely unforgettable once seen.

Another name for butterfly in Dagon language is 'peplim (pee plim´).'


- Adjustable Ring
- Metal: 96% Silver
- Anti-allergic product: nickel, lead and cadmium free
- Irish designed, handmade in Bali, Indonesia
- Model Code: W-4F-4F-M01-RA-S-M-S96-TPB-33X30-1862

Blue Topaz November's Birthstone

Topaz occurs in a range of different colours, a deep golden yellow and pink topaz is, by far, the most valuable
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Help protect butterfly and animal habitats

Butterflies are under threat due to habitat loss, air pollution and unpredictable seasonal change.

They are an integral part of our eco-system, helping with pollination and seed dispersal of plants and crops, and are an essential part of the food chain for many species. See conservation articles and whitepapers here


Philosophy: To give back more than we take.

As a society we accept the philosophy of 'Cut a tree; Plant a tree', and there are several amazing companies out there doing great things like 8billiontrees.com.

In this context, Terra Eclat aims to raise awareness of the issues affecting all animal habitats, especially butterflies.

We use non-endangered butterflies wings in our Jewellery. Emphasizing their natural beauty, reminding you to protect one of nature’s most important pollinators.


Giving back – Every little bit helps

A percentage of every sale is donated to registered Rainforest charities to protect animal habitats, for donations over $15 you will receive a Digital Certificate in your email.

Raising butterflies for the display market; is an alternative income to rural communities; which in-turn helps prevent habitat loss. The butterflies we use are not endangered and are not listed on the CITES list of protected species.

Please take the opportunity to reset your carbon footprint for the product purchase at checkout, using the compensate feature, more information on their website here.



Fair Trade
Handmade by talented artisans in Bali, Indonesia. Our production is the primary income for those families helping them and their communities grow.

Our workshops implement Fairtrade practices, based on fair dealing and mutual trust, providing local jobs and fair wages. We strive for happy artisans and satisfied customers.

In-stock items are processed in 3 to 5 business days (excluding weekends and holidays) and shipped by courier in 7 to 10 business days.

Custom orders and out-of-stock items will be manufactured and then shipped, usually 10 to 21 business days (excluding weekends and holidays). 

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