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Real Butterfly Jewellery

Our butterflies and moths originate from countries all over the world including Peru (South America), Sumatra (Indonesia) and The butterfly farms provide an alternative, sustainable income to rural communities, helping to protect the eco-system against deforestation. Forming the first line of defence against butterfly extinctions. These projects also release approximately 20% of farm-raised butterflies into the wild to rejuvenate the local species.

Real Leaf Jewellery

These leafs and seeds are mostly from deciduous trees a naturally recurring Adorn yourself with the beauty of the forest forever; with real leaves in 18ct gold Real Leaves preserved forever in Gold. Look closely, it is the actual Real Leaf inside. Each one is unique. A specially grown, fresh cut leaf, handpicked for exquisite quality and shape. Delicately processed to reveal the leaves structure. It’s natural beauty preserved forever in your favorite precious metal. Anti-allergic and nickel free, crafted in a fair trade philosophy workshop. Forever Leaves. Forever Yours.

Gemstone Jewellery

We only use second-hand or recycled Diamonds; Diamond mining is one of the most environmentally destructive and polluting operations. For each diamond, 200-400 Million times its weight is removed from the Earth, decimating the eco-system.

Woolly Mammoth Ivory Jewellery

The Woolly Mammoth is a prehistoric relative to the present day elephant, and has been extinct for thousands of Mammoth tusks are found in the tundra of Alaska and Siberia, and profits support the native populations of both areas. Because we only use fossil mammoth ivory, NOT elephant tusk, absolutely no elephants were harmed during the making of our beautiful carvings.

Moldavite Meteorite Jewellery

Moldavite Meteorite is a unique green Tektite, the result of a meteorite impact 15 Million Years Ago, found in the Czech Each precious piece is ethically mined by hand, after mining the area is returned to its former glory, as the shafts and pits are shallow and easily filled. Unlike other gemstone mining there is little risk involved. No chemicals are used throughout the process, only water. For many generations Moldavite mining has supported the local communities in rural Czech Republic.

Australian Opal Jewellery

All of our opals are from one families mine in Coober Pedy, The land has been owned, mined, processed and sold by three generations of the same family. This sustains development in artisanal mining as it lessens the need for prospecting creating abandoned mining shafts which can lead to sinkholes and other dangers, the Coober Pedy mining community is small but dedicated and the land will be repossessed by the government if they do not continue to mine opal rich land, some of the miners are 70 years old and proud.