Sterling Silver butterfly earrings with peridot birthstone - Blue Dots Grapihium Weiskei - 25mm X 30mm Clip Earrings - Terra Eclat

Sterling Silver butterfly earrings with peridot - Blue Dots Grapihium Weiskei


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Butterfly Earrings - Peridot in Sterling Silver - Size 25mm X 25mm

**Help protect butterfly habitats, 5% of every purchase is donated to Rainforest charities to protect animal habitats**

Blue Dots, Full Butterfly shape, Real Grapihium Weiskei butterfly wing encased in glass and finished in Anti-tarnish Rhodium Plated Sterling Silver with Peridot August's Birthstone. We think it's an effortless way to elevate simple tops and camisoles.

Known as Blue Spotted Swallowtail, from New Guinea, midnight black speckled with purple, blue and green blotches, notice a similar camouflage pattern on the opposite side.

Another name for butterfly in Wiradjuri Aboriginal People language is 'buuja-buuja.'


- Waterproofed anti-tarnish 25mm X 25mm Peridot in Sterling Silver
- No Polishing Required
- Anti-Allergic, nickel, lead and cadmium free
- Irish designed, handmade in Bali, Indonesia

Peridot August's Birthstone:

At one time, peridot was more valuable than diamonds. Peridot is one of the few gemstones which exist only in one colour. The crusaders brought peridot to Europe in the middle ages from St. John's island in the red sea, where it has been mined for over 3,500 years.

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Butterfly Protection - Every little bit helps

See conversation articles and whitepapers here

Terra Eclat emphasizes the butterflies’ natural beauty in jewelry, reminding you every day to protect one of nature’s most important pollinators

By using Non-Endangered butterflies in our jewelry, Terra Eclat aims to raise awareness of the issues affecting all habitiats, including butterfly habitats.

Butterflies are an integral part of our eco-system and are under threat due to habitat loss, air pollution and unpredictable seasonal change. They help with the pollination and seed dispersal of plants and crops. In addition, they are an essential part of the food chain for many species

The project is an alternative, sustainable income to rural communities, who in turn help to protect the butterfly’s habitat. Every little bit helps. None of the butterflies we use are on the CITES list of protected animals. 

    Helping People & Communities

    Our production is the primary income for 15 families, in 3 countries helping them and their communities. 80% of our collection is hand-made by the most incredible artisans from Bali, Indonesia, India & Nepal.


    Fair Trade

    Our workshops implement Fair trade practices; we provide local jobs, fair wages, and safe and progressive working conditions.


    Yulita’s Story: In 2011, we opened our first workshop in Bali, while searching the local area for talent, we met a husband and wife silversmith team. Coming from a poverty stricken region in jobless Java to find work.


    Their living conditions were so upsetting; all they had was a single cardboard box containing everything they owned in a small rundown dark room, where they ate, worked and slept with their young daughter.


    We employed them and to date, they manage our entire Bali Production in a purpose built workshop and have a restaurant business on the side. Positive Growth.


    Items in stock are processed and shipped by courier in 3 to 14 days, in beautiful packaging ready for gifting. Out of stock items will be manufactured for you and then shipped


    Real Butterfly Disclaimer

    This is a natural product and the item you receive may have some variation in pattern and colour, than shown in the photo

    We recommend preventing exposure to perfume, cosmetics, salt or chlorinated water. If exposure does occur, gently rinse with water and dry to remove any abrasive chemicals


    Real Leaf Disclaimer

    This is a natural product, so the item you receive may have slight variations in colour, size and pattern, than the photo shown


    Natural Stone Disclaimer

    We only use Sterling Silver with Rhodium or Gold Vermeil and solid 18ct - 24ct gold. This is a natural product, so the item you receive may have slight variations in colour and pattern, than the photo shown


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