24K Gold Earrings - Real Japanese Maple Leaf electro-formed
24K Gold Earrings - Real Japanese Maple Leaf electro-formed
24K Gold Earrings - Real Japanese Maple Leaf electro-formed

24K Gold Earrings - Real Japanese Maple Leaf electro-formed


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Real Leaf Jewelry - Japanese Maple Leaf in 24K Gold - Size 40mm X 35mm

Real Leaf preserved in 24 Karat Gold Japanese Maple Leaf - Medium Truly an amazing product. Look closely its the actual Real leaf inside

Real Leaf Sizing Guide

1. Small (20mm to 38mm)
2. Medium (39mm to 62mm)
3. Large (63mm to 79mm)
4. Xtra Large (Greater than 80mm)
5. Small earrings (20mm to 38mm)


These are Real leaves coated in your favourite metal. Each one is a totally unique & stunning piece, ideal for any occasion. Each piece of unique jewelry begins with a specially grown, fresh cut leaf

Only the leaves of exquisite quality and shape are selected. Each leaf is handpicked and treated through a very delicate process to preserve its natural shape & beauty

They are then coated in a base metal and finally electro-formed with your favourite precious metal. Such care and attention results in some of the world's most beautiful leaves that are eternal, in shimmering iridescent copper, pure silver or 24K gold. All of our leaves are nickel free


- Weight 7 grams
- Code RL-JP-HE-G-M1-1064
- Size 40mm X 35mm X 2mm
- Anti-Allergic, nickel, lead and cadmium free

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Butterfly Protection - Every little bit helps

See conversation articles and whitepapers here

Terra Eclat emphasizes the butterflies’ natural beauty in jewelry, reminding you every day to protect one of nature’s most important pollinators

By using Non-Endangered butterflies in our jewelry, Terra Eclat aims to raise awareness of the issues affecting all habitiats, including butterfly habitats.

Butterflies are an integral part of our eco-system and are under threat due to habitat loss, air pollution and unpredictable seasonal change. They help with the pollination and seed dispersal of plants and crops. In addition, they are an essential part of the food chain for many species

The project is an alternative, sustainable income to rural communities, who in turn help to protect the butterfly’s habitat. Every little bit helps. None of the butterflies we use are on the CITES list of protected animals. 

    Helping People & Communities

    Our production is the primary income for 15 families, in 3 countries helping them and their communities. 80% of our collection is hand-made by the most incredible artisans from Bali, Indonesia, India & Nepal.


    Fair Trade

    Our workshops implement Fair trade practices; we provide local jobs, fair wages, and safe and progressive working conditions.


    Yulita’s Story: In 2011, we opened our first workshop in Bali, while searching the local area for talent, we met a husband and wife silversmith team. Coming from a poverty stricken region in jobless Java to find work.


    Their living conditions were so upsetting; all they had was a single cardboard box containing everything they owned in a small rundown dark room, where they ate, worked and slept with their young daughter.


    We employed them and to date, they manage our entire Bali Production in a purpose built workshop and have a restaurant business on the side. Positive Growth.