About Us

Who is Terra Eclat?

Terra Eclat is a visionary luxury jewellery brand that draws inspiration from the beauty and wonder of the natural world and celebrates the majesty of the earth.

We craft jewellery that possesses a seductive vitality, raw soul and rare beauty,

This is living jewellery. Bold and brave.

We design in harmony with our carefully selected materials, to ensure that our product is nothing less than extraordinary.


What does Terra Eclat say for the wearer?

You are a force of nature.


Terra Eclat values:

We celebrate the earth, we care for the earth.

All of our jewellery is handmade, each and every piece unique.

Where possible we use ethically sourced sustainable materials and we work closely in providing fair-trade for our craftsmen.


Who wears Terra Eclat and how:

The word Terra Eclat has become synonymous with glamour. After seven years of business in Saudi Arabia, we have found that everyone from professionals to dignitaries and royalty have taken to wearing the brand for its unique elegance and sophisticated charm. We are proud of our rapidly expanding & loyal customer base who have become attached to the Terra Eclat brand and never want to take our jewellery off.


Founded in Edinburgh in 2007.

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