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Garnet @ EDENs event tonight
Golden chunks of beauty!
Pyrite - 'Fools Gold'
Pyrite - 'Fools Gold'
100 million years to grow, so don't wait, get yours now!
Stone of Love
Larimar - Stone of Love
Larimar only from Dominican Republic,
a.k.a the Altantis Stone
the old and the new
Antique Coral 5 Band Twist Ring
Antique italian carved rose coral
in 5 twist band style


Mango Spinel @ EDENs event tonight
7ct Emerald with 2500 Year Old Silk Trade Beads
Emerald 7ct with 2500 Year Old Silk Trade Beads
7ct Emerald from Zambia,
with Etched 2500 year old Carnelian beads from Indus Valley,
in 22ct Gold
Real Leaves - Gold Plated
Real Leaf Gold Plated
the beauty of nature!
Real Leaves preserved in 18ct Gold
Hand Polished Amber with Orange Coral
Hand Polished Amber with Orange Coral
spoil yourself!
Hand Polished Amber with Orange Coral and 18ct Gold


EDEN Natural Jewellery
Islamic Geometry Leather Belt
Islamic Geometry Leather Belt
Islamic Geometry Leather Belt  Royal Blue Lapiz Lazuli with Pyrite inclusions.
Lapis is known to be the first blue pigment for paint. 
Also, Cleopatra used powdered lapis for make-up.
Ayat Collection - Now in Gold
Ayat Collection - Now in Gold
Ayat Collection - Now in Gold
Fabulous arabic calligraphy from the Qur’an by Eden
The Snake Collection
The Snake Collection
The Snake Collection
aren't they beautiful!




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EDEN Natural Jewellery
Eden Open House Maps

Open House Directions

Click the map to enlarge or print, view it here or download the map here.
Edens Citrine Ring

Star Stone - Citrine

Gemini - 21/05 to 21/06

Stone of Gemini and Virgo, citrine symbolizes individuality and confidence. It brings renewed determination. Physically, citrine can aid digestion, increase visual ability, and to balance the thyroid. It is beneficial to the endocrine and digestive system - cleansing, purifying and eliminating poisons that have built up. Citrine has the power to calm and soothe distressed conditions. It reduces ulcer flare-ups and is good for detoxifying the body.

Other Gemini alternatives:  Aquamarine, Rock Crystal, Chysocolla, Topaz, Turquoise, Chalcedony (Agate, Jasper, Onyx, Tigers Eye)

Buy now at Sadashop.com or contact us
Eden Real Butterfly Wing Collection

Competition Winner

Congratulations Nor'adila Hepburn for completing the green survey and winning this beautiful Real 'Ulysses' butterfly pendant in our ‘Green Planet’ event prize draw

For your chance to win each month sign up to our newsletter on our home page.
Summer Camp

Look out for...

4th June - 7:30pm: Art and Design Society - Riyadh 
Don't miss their last event before the summer. A chance to meet some great artists living in Riyadh with different cultural backgrounds and artistic styles. Also food tasting from around the world. Book early, spaces are limited and offered on a first come first serve. To register email your full name to artdesignsocietyksa@gmail.
Please note this is a women only event.

Art/Drama Summer Camp...

at My Little School taught by Eden designer and teacher - Ranyah Seraj
themes 'Under the Sea' and 'Pirates and Mermaids'
2 week slots starting June 16th
See full advert here, download or print ithere.

Are you hosting or know of any 'creative' related events or activities, that should be on our newsletter? If so , Please email to  info@edenscorner.com 
Edan at Sadashop.com



edenscorner.com is currently under construction but you can preview some of the pieces there

What would you like to read in our monthly nerwsletter send your requests and comments to contact us


What would you like to read in our monthly nerwsletter send your requests and comments to contact us
Eden Stone of the Month

Stone of the month - Moonstone

Birthstone for the Month of June

Stone of Cancer, Libra and Scorpio

Moonstone is considered a protective stone while traveling, especially at night or on the water. 
The Moonstone is said to assist with female issues and with childbirth.
By unblocking the lymphatic system, it can heal and balance the stomach, pancreas, and pituitary gland. It can reduce swelling and excess body fluid.
Placed under the pillow it will allow for a more peaceful sleep, and is often used as a cure for insomnia, and used along with the amethyst.

Other June alternatives: Pearl, Chalcedony 

Browse now at Sadashop.com orcontact us

Eden Natural Jewellery Green Planet Event

Last Month....

Everyone that attended our Green Planet event in May really enjoyed the experience of alternative choice. It was great to see so many new faces as well as old friends that really cared about their lifestyle choices and our planet.
It felt nice to be part of a community where its members are so diversified, from all over, all ages, with different backgrounds; but all with one common trait, green passion in their hearts.

Edens Green Survey
Common thoughts of being green in Saudi,
1.       Programs should be implemented across Saudi Arabia to enable every item that, could possibly be recycled, to be recycled i.e. glass, plastic, paper, e-scrap etc...
2.       Educate the local population on the benefits of being green and how to do it in your home and that every single person can really make a difference.
3.       Conserve water, food and energy as much as possible.
4.       Stop littering, minimise plastic use and day-to-day waste.
5.       Use modern agriculture methods to reduce water usage.
Halla Khalid Childrens Publishing


Halla Khalid is a fantastic illustrator and writer. Her children’s stories, in Arabic and English, transport you to a soft world full of wonderment and original characters. All her books are amazing and I can’t pick just one of them to talk about so I thought I would introduce you to them all.

Check out her website and publishing house at Darjerboa.net and herFacebook Page
Edens Green Tip


When boiling vegetables use only just enough water to cover the vegetables, otherwise you waste water and you waste energy having to boil the extra water. Also leave the lid on the pot to speed up cooking time and to save more energy.


One of our customers is looking for an organic mattress, is this product available in Saudi? please contact us





Eden Green Planet Event
How green is Saudi Arabia?
Green Planet Event
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