Getting to our Event in Centria Mall, while avoiding the traffic

Avoid the traffic

As you know the Riyadh metro is causing havoc on Olaya Road and adjoining roads, so its probably best to avoid it entirely, I have attached what we believe is the best traffic free route available. To decide for yourself Google Maps provides live traffic concentration updates and has been updated to included the changes to the road systems. To make your own route


Recommended Route from King Adulaziz Road - this should be minimal traffic - you can see this from the blue routes mark, only yellow bit at one set of lights (the only set of light you will meet).

You can see the other red and yellow sections on the map also Green = Fast Traffic, Yellow = Medium Traffic, Red = Slow Traffic - if you need more help please let us know 0543768585


PDF of Recommended Route

PDF of Recommended Route Zoomed

PDF of Centria Mall traffic



Zoomed in 




General traffic around centria mall


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